Our Story



" Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world" 

Be Epic was founded in 2007, located in Tel Aviv Israel.
Our start was with a small store and a small collection. Or as we say, “small collection, big dreams” (we were super excited!)
Ever since our store has provided for over a decade multiple solutions to different companies and Individuals. Whether it was holiday gift boxes for employees, centerpieces or favors and bags for birthday parties, we were there with so many people in their happy moments.

That experience made us understand that we were in the right place, and that became our main purpose - to make you feel happy and to put a big smile on your face while you are celebrating your amazing life!
After 11 years, when we were working mostly in Israel, we said to ourselves: “why not to expand?" We thought it would be great to provide solutions, inspiration and joy to other people around the world. And so we did...

Esti Festi is here first and for most, to put a smile on your face, and to be a part of your celebration.
We are also here to transform any party into a real fun, beautiful celebration with crazy little party supplies. Our products made of high quality materials, and create elegant yet modern vibe that makes any event pop.

We power your event, combining elegance and modern styles, making it an experience.